A Lunch Date

A cold Thursday morning, but I felt warm inside my heart. Nino agreed to take me for a lunch date. Yay, chance to dress up for a special occasion :p

Anindya, as always, was not impressed with me dressing up. "Why do you dress up like that? Isn't it just lunch together? I always have lunch together with my friend at school." Oh, well :p

But lucky, there's Ayesha, who admired my dangling ear-rings. She's holding it all the time while I carried her all the way to school. "Can I borrow it later, Mommy? After school?" Yes, of course, Darling ;)

We chose to have early lunch at Kammadhenu, a South Indian-Malaysian-Sri Lankan restaurant at 171 King St, Newton. It's just a short stroll from Sydney Uni. When we got there, only two tables were occupied. People not up for lunch, yet.

Photo from www.streetfood.com.au

Nino asked the waiter whether we could use the $19 voucher I bought at www.deals.com.au worths $50. We didn't want a nasty surprise at the end, yeah. Yes, we can choose anything in the menu worth $50. Haha, I couldn't stop smiling and thinking how clever I am for clipping coupon and subscribing deals :p (is it just me or every woman does this?).

I learned from a friend and from review at www.eatability.com.au that we must try their famous 'dosa'. It is a savory crepe from rice batter and black lentils. So we ordered cheese dosa ($5), chicken mango ($12.90), fish sambal ($12.90), coconut rice ($4), mango lassi ($4) and masala tea ($4).

Had to admit the service was slooooowww... The first drink came after 10 minutes. While waiting, we chat about our last 10 year together. Only to learn the city we spent the longest time together is Sydney. For this 10 year together, we're a happy nomaden couple live in 6 different cities for less than 2 year in each city, but Sydney. Ha, we need to adopt this lovely city as our hometown. *cheers*

Finally the foods came. Longer than this, it would ruin our mood.

The yummy dosa served with 4 dips: chilli curd, green chutney, fish curry and chicken curry. I really enjoyed this crispy dosa and loved the hint of coconut in it. The melted cheese filing was also perfect. Nino loved the green chutney, made from coconut, green chilli (oh, that's why), lentils and mint.

Unfortunately the main dishes were just okay. Not bad, but not stand out either. The mango chicken was mild and sweet. It tasted like... mango of course. Chicken was tender and cut in a bite size. The Spanish mackerel in the fish sambal was also just-okay. Sambal was mild, definitely not level with Nino's standard of hotness :)) We had 2 big portion of coconut rice, which was a mistake. We should have just ordered one for sharing.

For the drink, I tried Lassi, a yogurt-based drink. The mango lassi was quite refreshing. Nino had masala tea (chai), kind of tea with milk and Indian spices. He used to brew this at home. Nino enjoyed chai so much while I am not a fan of Indian spices. So I guess this stopped him from brewing chai at home :p

We still had $3.5 from the voucher which Nino redeemed for a bottle of blood-orange drink. We strolled King St back to the Uni and kissed goodbye at the campus gate.

Until our next date, Beb!



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