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A Lunch Date

A cold Thursday morning, but I felt warm inside my heart. Nino agreed to take me for a lunch date. Yay, chance to dress up for a special occasion :pAnindya, as always, was not impressed with me dressing up. "Why do you dress up like that? Isn't it just lunch together? I always have lunch together with my friend at school." Oh, well :pBut lucky, there's Ayesha, who admired my dangling ear-rings. She's holding it all the time while I carried her all the way to school. "Can I borrow it later, Mommy? After school?" Yes, of course, Darling ;)
We chose to have early lunch at Kammadhenu, a South Indian-Malaysian-Sri Lankan restaurant at 171 King St, Newton. It's just a short stroll from Sydney Uni. When we got there, only two tables were occupied. People not up for lunch, yet. Photo from asked the waiter whether we could use the $19 voucher I bought at worths $50. We didn't want a nasty surprise at…