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A Lunch Date

A cold Thursday morning, but I felt warm inside my heart. Nino agreed to take me for a lunch date. Yay, chance to dress up for a special occasion :p Anindya, as always, was not impressed with me dressing up. "Why do you dress up like that? Isn't it just lunch together? I always have lunch together with my friend at school." Oh, well :p But lucky, there's Ayesha, who admired my dangling ear-rings. She's holding it all the time while I carried her all the way to school. "Can I borrow it later, Mommy? After school?" Yes, of course, Darling ;) We chose to have early lunch at Kammadhenu, a South Indian-Malaysian-Sri Lankan restaurant at 171 King St, Newton. It's just a short stroll from Sydney Uni. When we got there, only two tables were occupied. People not up for lunch, yet. Photo from Nino asked the waiter whether we could use the $19 voucher I bought at worths $50. We didn't want a nasty surp