Love and Hate relationship with CityRail

Train is our number one choice of transportation mode in Sydney.

We have a car, but most of the time, we can't afford the parking fee in the city or near the beach. When we can afford it, we couldn't get the spot. Usually we're not lucky enough.

There is no Sydney bus run directly from the suburb we live, to the city. Well, there is an old Punchbowl bus service (private bus). Just by looking at that tired bus, you know that it's not for you :p

Back to Train. It is so far the most convenience way to go anywhere. It is faster than a car, and way cheaper (if you count the petrol, the car maintenance, and the parking fee). More, we have special fare on Sunday. We can go around Sydney by any public transport for only $2,50 per person. This special fare called Family Sunday Funday only available for family or at least one adult and one children. If you have no children, sorry, have to pay the full fare.

Our girls love the train. Because they have much room to wander around and they can eat and drink (prohibited on bus). Look at them, enjoying the train ride.

All love? No, actually.
If I count the days being sandwich in the train at peak hours, or the days I need to carry up the bulky stroller up the stairs because there's no lift at some stations. Not again!

And railwork, oh, how I hate it! It really spoils our weekend (that's way they have cheap fare on Sunday?). Regularly, cityrail closes some tracks for for rail maintenance. Usually they do it on weekend, Saturday and Sunday, which are the days we usually ride the train. Cityrail provides some bus to replace the train service. Yes, it's the some bus as I mentioned above: old, slow, not accessible, one-door only bus. No, thank you.



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