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Me the Writer vs Me the Business Owner

Wooosh... time does fly. And how destiny dragged me to another path I've never imagined before. Just last December I dared my sister Dila to set up our own business. That idea just haunt me like crazy until I decided: yep, it's time for action. We rode the wave of fashion consciousness among hijabers around the worlds. They mixed the latest trend of fashion with hijab. This wave actually started in the 'west' countries when young muslim women need to be covered but don't want to wear their Mom's boring abayas ;) So they're forced to mix and match whatever available in mainstream fashion with hijab. I'm inspired by these young girls (mostly in their twenties). No, actually I am consciously following the stream. So here you can see me from ignorant-drab-writer into self-proclaim hijabi fashionista (Oh, dear, that label!). At Malabar beach, last week. At Sydney Park, Dec 2010 At Melbourne, Dec 2010 At Circular Quay Station, Nov 2010 Yes, finally