Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

We were home, at last.

It was not a long flight, Sydney-Denpasar only took 6 and half hours. But it was three thousand dollars away. That's way we never gone home for these last two years.

We're welcomed by the heat in Denpasar. The air conditioner in Ngurah Rai airport was not working, really bad for an international airport. It was 30 celcius degrees out there and inside. Ayesha threw up and I had to change her clothes and her nappy just beside the baggage claim, as we didn't have a baby change table in the toilet.

The 15 celcius degrees differences between Sydney and Denpasar/Surabaya was shocking us. But as soon as we met our family at Juanda, it didn't really matter anymore. Everbody was there, my mom, my dad and mom in-law, my brother and sister. We had a long hugging and kissing session, but this time there was no tear, only big smile.

From Surabaya, we drove to Malang. Along the way, my six-year-old daughter, Anindya, was really confused to see so many people. The crowd brought her headache.

We stayed at Malang for the first week. Malang was known for it's cool air, but still...
I feel like want to take a cold shower all the time.

Agh, at least we're home now, and at least everybody speaks Bahasa Indonesia.



M Aqsha said…
emang lagi panas...Jakarta palagi..ughh!
Yori Herwangi said…
oh iya yah..di sydney masih barusan winter ya...klo kita wkt itu pas udah mo summer jd ga terlalu kaget pas datang ke indo...selamat pulang kembali...

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