The Drama

It's been 40 days since that heart stopping moment, but I can still recount it.

Although we were alone here, no Mom, relatives and other "busy bodies", I felt super confident that I could do just right with my second pregnancy. I thought been there, done that. Besides, everyone (and the book) said that delivering the second child would be easier that the first one.

Unfortunately, in my case, it wasn't that easy.

I started having my real contraction early Friday morning. I thought the time has came. So I packed my bag and got ready to the hospital. I rang the hospital between my every-five-minute contraction, but the midwife said that I had to wait until I had the strong, painful one.

I waited the whole day. I managed to eat, sleep and have shower between that. Nino stayed beside me and was very helpful. At 8 pm, I could wait no more. Nino rang the hospital and they let me come.

We requested an ambulance. It sound dramatic, but it's only because we didn't own a car. Later did I know this was the most expensive ride I've ever had. They charged me $600 for 15 kilometers ride, more expensive than hiring a limo, I guest. Thank God we have insurance.

In the labour ward, the midwife suggested me to have another hot shower. She believed it would soothe the pain. By 11 pm the midwife forced to broke my water. The contraction became stronger and more painful, every 2-3 minute. I started to push from 12 am. After an hour pushing, the baby hasn't come yet. At that moment, I was so tired and didn't know what happened next. All I remembered I sucked the gas to ease the pain and kept pushing when I heard someone said 'push'.

This is what Nino told me later on. The midwife told him that the baby didn't move down. And because of the stressful process of labour, her heartbeat was so low (baca: nyaris tak terdengar). By that time, there were two doctor in the room, consulting each other. Nino could tell that they were look worried and the face told that they're afraid we might lost the baby.

Then I heard someone saying I need to have Caesarean section. They were busy preparing the operation. The midwife told me not to push. Believe me, holding was harder than pushing. Unfortunately (or fortunately), all those three theaters were occupied. We need to wait for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, the baby heartbeat was gone from the monitor. Then the third doctor came. She inserted a tool to check the baby's heartbeat from inside. Thank God, it's getting stronger and I was fully dilated.

From no hope that I would have a normal delivery, I was told to push again. After approximately ten time pushing, I feel something smooth came out from my body. The midwife told me that I had a beautiful baby girl. I opened my eyes and was transfixed: in front of me was a beautiful baby with her wide opened eyes. Well, she's not THAT beautiful, but... you know what I mean. All the pain has gone. Those moment she looked at me for the first time was the most beautiful moment, I wanted to stop the clock.



Yunisa - said…
giving birth is indeed a life-death experience
Nadiah Alwi said…
duuhh...setres mbacanya...
alhamdulillah si baby baik2 aja ya...
rahayu forbento said…
alhamdulillah baby dan ibunya baek2...selamat ya mbak....
Yori Herwangi said…
jadi inget setahun yll waktu melahirkan Izam..hampir mirip mal.., tp aku akhirnya di-vacuum. btw, ga pake epidural ya mal?
duuuh, aku terharu hampir menitikkan air mata, jadi kangen...

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