Jeans Day

Aussie has special day for almost everything. Here we have Father's Day, Library Lover's Day, Red Nose Day, National Tree Day, Daffodil Day, Sorry Day, etc.

Today is a Jeans Day. You are expected to wear jeans to school or work and gives small donation, say $1. The money goes to charity.

Unfortunately, I can't fit in my old jeans, yet. *sigh*


Me in my jeans, 2006


Sylvia Tomasu said…
hihihi, nggak apa apa deh, itung itung amal..
niken terate said…
What is red nose day?
ade kumalasari said…
Red Nose Day tuh fundraising untuk kampanya mencegah Sudden Death Infant Syndrome. Biasanya kita bisa donasi dengan membeli merchandise red nose di toko2. Dulu pas aku jadi kasir, capek and males banget kalau ada 'day-day' an gitu. Setiap kali harus nanyain orang, "Would you like to donate for bla bla bla..."

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