Aussie Mom's Secret Weapon

I don't know how she does it. Aussie Mom I mean, juggling between the baby and household chores, all by herself (no pembantu, no granny and no 'busybody' neighbours).

In the first two weeks having Ayesha, I felt helpless. It's like I threw all my energy for her and nothing left for myself and the house. It's more looked like a shipwreck than a house. Yes, I have a wonderful husband, he's so helpful, changing nappies and all, but still...

Not that Ayesha cried all the time, but we needed to carry her if she started crying. She didn't like to be left alone in the cot, even when she just finished her milk and had a dry, clean bottom. Sometime Nino put her on his lap while he worked on his laptop. Sometime I carried her with "Jarik". That's how my Mom would do to settle the baby. It seemed normal to be tired carrying the baby. But I thought, if only there was a way...

I found the answer when I paid a visit to my neighbour. She's a Balinese who became Aussie citizen. She has two daughters, one is Didi's schoolmate and the other is 18-month-old. She said, "Never carry your baby. Put her in a rocker instead. That's how I could do the chores. I used to put my baby on her rocker since birth." Hem... I knew that such thing existed. But I had no idea if it worked wonder, if it's a must-have item.

We bought a second hand rocker the other day. Now Nino can rock her with his foot while doing his thesis. I, too, am rocking her while writing this blog. Oh, Ayesha's awake. She said, "auw, auw."



Yunisa - said…
yup, that trick I knew it from KoKi hehe
Sylvia Tomasu said…
auw so cute... hang in there, things will get better as she grow bigger.
vita azizah said…
lahir disana jadi mirip bule perasaan :D

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