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From A Novel Writer To A Ticket Writer

Today is my last day working at this supermarket . I will take a maternity leave for... uhm, maybe forever? Cause I don't know whether I'll come back. I've been working there for a whole year. I remember my first day, I was so nervous that I made a lot of mistakes. I didn't understand most of what people said. I thought those NOT English (at least not clear English as I learnt from school). But I learnt many things from working at a store, especially learnt how to handle a very demanding customer. Aussie people, especially the grumpy old man and woman likes to complain, almost on anything. Sometimes it's annoying but sometimes it's sooo silly. Now I am a more confident person and can handle the most difficult customers. I was promoted to be a supervisor on January. Writing a ticket (price tag) was one of my job as a supervisor. Some friends said I had a beautiful handwriting. Oh really? I told them that back home I'm an author. It's nothing to do with h