I am longing for "real" Indonesian food, not the one with instant bumbu.
Especially these:

1. My Mom's soto kentang
2. Soto Pak Sholeh
3. Soto Mang Udi
4. Soto Kudus Simanjuntak
5. Ayam bakar and telur coklat Yu Yem
6. Hot Cui Mie Gloria Malang
7. Bubur ayam Muntilan
8. Gudeg Yu Djum
9. Bakso Kota Malang
10. Es krim Tip Top Jogja
11. Sate Ayam Madura deket rumah
12. Kupat Tahu Blabak

Glurp! I am writing this to ease my pain.
Here, I can only find one food that satisfy my tastebud, which is: Turkish Gozleme. It's kind of martabak, with chicken mince, cheese and spinach inside, served with chilli sauce and lemon wedge.
We have plenty Indo restaurant here but they are far far away from home, need one hour journey to reach Kingsford aka kampung Indo.
Actually, 5 minutes from my place, there is a small Indo resto, but the taste is far far away from our expectation.

But since whinning is not good for the baby, better to think positive. At least here, I can easily find a good coffee, almost everywhere, in every corner, for only 2-3 bucks.



Nadiah Alwi said… sorry abt that...tar kalo pulang dipuas2in deh...
agung marhaenis said…
terakhir ke Yu DJum, rasanya tetap mantap. masih betah di asutralia ya?
abangotho bang said…
piye to mbak carane iso nulis apek


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