Live The Dream

I don't make resolution at new year, but at my birthday. Last year, I wanted these, and thank God, two of my dreams came true.

I don't understand why some people don't have any goal in their life. It's quite absurd if one say, "Ah, I just go with the flow... let it flow like water." Ha, even water has it's own goal: to the sea.

I was that kind of person, when I was in my first and second year at Uni. I called it my dark ages. I just didn't know what I was doing and where I was heading. It's comfy not to think about the scary future and not taking any risks, but also I felt useless. The worst part, I became a burden to my parents, and anyone else.

Now, I am the kind of person who exactly know what I want, what I am going to do and what I'll say in my prayer. God is Mercifull. It's like we underestimate Him if we don't ask for His Blessing.

Oh, okey, here they are, Bismillah, my three wishes this year:
1. Publish two best-selling novels (I owe one last year, hiks)
2. Having a healthy baby in Sydney
3. Starting (and earn from) my brand-new business as soon as I go back to Indo

I wish you determine your own "sea" and work hard for it.



Nadiah Alwi said…

Yunisa - said…
judulnya kayak acara TV di Sg hehe

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