Big Announcement

There's a rumour that Nindi will have her little sis/bro soon.
I just want to confirm that it's not a rumour.

I am now twelve weeks pregnant.

Actually, I couldn't wait to tell everybody about it, but it's not wise nor safe to announce before it reach second trimester. Even my doctor here believes in this superstition.

The due date is on June, 11th, and I will have her/him here.
Please pray for me, for a healthy and happy Mom and baby.

Thank you.



Nadiah Alwi said…
wow, congrats :D

it's about time...

:D happy 4 u
ade kumalasari said…
Huaaaaaaa.... samaan kita Mala. ^_^ Aku due date-nya May. Hehehe :D
selamat ya mala. :) semoga adiknya nindi nanti lahir dengan sehat dan selamat.
vita azizah said…
waaa nindipong mo punya adik yahhhh, made in syd hihihi moga sehat2 deh

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