What's in your mind when you hear the word 'jemunak'?

Jemunak is a traditional food, a snack, made from steamed cassava and sticky rice, garnish with sprinkled coconut and palm sugar sauce. It's soft, melt and just delicious. Yum!

Suddenly, this world pops up in my mind.
I used to eat Jemunak to break my fasting in ramadan, when I was a child. You can't find Jemunak anywhere but in Muntilan, a small town where my mom grew up. In my village, Karaharjan, there was only one person to make jemunak: Mbah Mul. He is my late grandma's neighbour.

I really miss it that I googled it. To my surprise, I found two articles about it in local newspaper. Yup, it is about Mbah Mul and his jemunak. You can read it here and here. Now he is so old and nobody else can make jemunak. I'm afraid this yummy snack will extinct soon.

Argh, better call my mom to ask about Mbah Mul.



Nadiah Alwi said…
Nobody learns from her yet?
ade kumalasari said…
mungkin karena bikinnya susah ya, numbuknya aja harus 90menit di lumpang alu. Mana tahaaan? Tapi hasilnya, sumpah, enak banget!
Nadiah Alwi said…
gak bisa diblender ya? hehehehe

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