A Festive Season

I love spring for its warm air and the smell of wild flowers along the street. But mostly I love it because it's the festive season.

We got several festivals here at Spring, mostly were local festivals, held by a city/council (such as Marrickville, where I live).

This last two weeks I’ve already been in three festival: Haldon street festival at Lakemba, Malaysian Festival at Darling Harbour and Marrickville Festival.

Lakemba is known as 'the moslem region'. Lakemba residents are a mixed of moslem from middle east such as Palestina and Lebanon, South Asia such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and also South East Asia moslem from Malaysia and Indonesia. No wonder it is easy to find halal food here. And women with hijab are common.

Festival is actually a market, or you say 'pasar malam' in Indonesia, it just that it's held at day time, not at night. There are so many stall: from food stall, fashion stall, and organisation stall. It also has some stages for performance, usually band or dancing from around the world. At Marrickville festival, we had Kid's Stage, performing Magic, Play, Animal show and Dancing. To amuse the kids, they also had a free ride, such as a jumping castle, giant slide and other common rides for children.

Beside the foods, I love to get freebies at festival. Usually, sponsor stalls gave us a goodie bag. This year we got a goodie bag from NAB (it's a bank), and also from Marrickville Council. Festival is also a good time for the council to campaign about a lot of issues, such as road safety, clean environment, waste management and energy saving. The trick is, they gave us a simple quiz about the issue and if we had the right answer, we could grab the goodie bag.

Nindi enjoyed festival as I did. She loved the crowd, the goodies (for her: baloons) and especially the magician. This month we still have one more festival to go: a flower festival at Canberra. On November we'll have Newton festival and Dulwich Hill Festival on early December.

At Lakemba and Malaysian Festival I didn't bring the camera with me, which I regreted, cause I couldn't show it off here :(


ps: those pictures were taken at Marrickville festival



Sylvie Gill said…
love the blue sky and the cotton candy ;)
Nadiah Alwi said…
wow sounds great

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