Bed Rest

I am a type of person who avoids to see a doctor. Not that I am afraid. I always wait until the pain became 'worth' to see  the doctor. I always say to myself that this is not bad, it will be better soon.
Nino is another type of person.

Yesterday I got a very bad headache when I woke up. Still I forced myself to work. My optimistic mind kept saying that it would get better soon I reached my store. Unfortunately, it wouldn't. I worked for eight hours in pain. I knew I should have told my manager that I was sick and I wanted to go home, but I just didn't.

I was suffered from a fever last night and my temperature reached 39 celcius degrees. Thank God I have Nino. He took me to the doctor that was only one block form our apartment. The doctor was a nice lady, a Kualalumpur born Chinese that migrated to Australia 35 years ago. She loved to chat and tell stories. We spent almost 20 minutes in the doctor's room.
Then we bought the medicine at the nearest chemist. It turned out that the chemist is an Indonesian-Chinese, and she speaks Bahasa Indonesia.

It's easy and simple to see the doctor. We just need to walk 5 minutes from home. It didn't take time at all and I could take a full day rest afterward. Nino was right. I should have see the doctor from the beginning.
But, is it no good to be an optimist?



Nadiah Alwi said…
:D get well soon, dear
eka ningsih said…
cepet sembuh ya mba ade :)

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