Bunda Tabloid, March 2007

This is an old story. Five months ago, my story was appeared at Bunda Tabloid (Jawa Pos Group). It's just that recently we bought a smart PSC machine, I couldn't resist to scan it, and post it here.

ps: story written by Bianda, Bunda's reporter.


Nadiah Alwi said…
Hi...welcome back. Where've you been? Summer vacation, I bet.

BTW, I have 2 friends studying in Sidney, Dara and Devy...they've met each other...just wondering if you've got any chance to meet them...
Imazahra Chairi said…
Mbaaaaaaaaaaaa, ikutan nyumbang tulisan utk buku nonfiksiku dung Mba :-)
Entar kalo dimuat dibeli putus dan namanya dicantumkan dong :-D

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