A Week Leave

I take a (paid) leave this week. The employment system here is generous enough to give you a paid leave for a month every year, if you work fulltime. Whether you take it or not, you still get paid.

They call it holidays. Usually my fellow workers (most of them migrants) will fly to their countries for holidays. But (sadly) not for me. I take it because my husband would go to US for a conference. It's babysitting my daughter, not a 'real' holiday. Still I'm excited with this 'holiday'. I don't have to catch a train every morning, I don't have to be sandwiched with tall and big bules in that sardines-package train. My feet will free from 4 hours standing in the register. Oh, what a luxury.

"Don't you think you will need a part-time husband, a casual one, Marla?" one of my friend joked.
"Hahaha, no, no, no. I think I can manage that."
I will make myself busy with things that I couldn't do when I work fulltime, such as:
1. take a luxury nap
2. make a scrapbooking project
3. take a mother-daughter walk with Nindi
4. write (whuhuhu, what a shame I couldn't manage to add a single page to my novel)
5. do a medical check up, and
6. write in this blog

I hugged him in the airport this morning. I wished him luck and coming back with a glowing tan from his summer holidays, ups, I mean summer conference.

ps: people here call me Marla instead of Mala. Difficult to pronounce, they said.


Yunisa - said…
a month leave itungannya berapa hari tuh?
iing lukman said…
Are they australian or what?
ade kumalasari said…
itungannya 20 hari kerja = 4 minggu. seminggu kan 5 hari kerja. jadi tiap kerja 3 bulan dpt libur 1 minggu. kalau nggak diambil, bayarannya tetep dikasih di akhir tahun. lumayan kan?
ade kumalasari said…
most people I know here are migrants, from all over the world, and the bule is not real bule (hehehe). Most of them are from Italy and Greece.

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