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I got it!

Yippie!!! I got the book for AU$ 29.95 at Basement Bookstore near Central Station. That's a bargain. I heard that in Indo it's more expensive. Don't worry, I won't spoil the ending (as I 've just read Chapter 1). A.K. just wanna show off

A Week Leave

I take a (paid) leave this week. The employment system here is generous enough to give you a paid leave for a month every year, if you work fulltime. Whether you take it or not, you still get paid. They call it holidays. Usually my fellow workers (most of them migrants) will fly to their countries for holidays. But (sadly) not for me. I take it because my husband would go to US for a conference. It's babysitting my daughter, not a 'real' holiday. Still I'm excited with this 'holiday'. I don't have to catch a train every morning, I don't have to be sandwiched with tall and big bules in that sardines-package train. My feet will free from 4 hours standing in the register. Oh, what a luxury. "Don't you think you will need a part-time husband, a casual one, Marla?" one of my friend joked. "Hahaha, no, no, no. I think I can manage that." I will make myself busy with things that I couldn't do when I work fulltime, such as: 1. ta

Bunda Tabloid, March 2007

This is an old story. Five months ago, my story was appeared at Bunda Tabloid (Jawa Pos Group). It's just that recently we bought a smart PSC machine, I couldn't resist to scan it, and post it here. A.K. ps: story written by Bianda, Bunda's reporter.