Durian and Other Wonderful Fruits

Durian always be my favourite fruit, although I only eat it once a year, when it comes in season. Back then, my family and I will gather in the dining floor (not on the table), ate four durians at once. My Mom, Dad and my sista, Dila love it as well.

When I lived in Ngadiwinatan with Nino and Nindi, there were Durian sellers a stroll from our house. When it's the season, Jalan KH Ahmad Dahlan was full of Durian sellers. We could only eat them when my parents-in-law came to visit us in Jogja. Bapak was the best at choosing Durian (actually, he's the best at choosing any kind of fruits). We had to be extra careful cause some merchants were very tricky.

I'm very lucky that here in Sydney, I can still taste the beautiful flavour of Durian. I bought Durian yesterday from my store. It's only $3.59 a kilo. I chose the smallest one that only cost $7. At home, I asked Nindi wether she still remember Durian. She said, "What is that, Mommy? Is it a pineapple?"
Hehehe, I told her that it's a Durian and that she used to love it. She became excited and asked her Daddy to open it and to be careful with it's spikes.
Well, it's really wonderful to eat the Durian again, although it's only the three of us, and far far away from home.

My second favourite fruits are Srikaya (custard apple) and Sawo. In here, the custard apple is way very big (yes, as big as a coconut) and way too expensive, around $3.50 each. But a month ago, I managed to buy the smaller ones in a bucket for only $3. I ate them (I got four custard apple) at once on the train in my way home.

Lately, I fall in love with the new fruits: fuyu fruit and feigoas (thanks that I work in a fruit&vegies shop).
Fuyu fruit is a mangosteen shape of fruit with the orange colour. The flavour, which is blend of mango and rockmelon reminds me of Kepel, a very ancient fruit that I could hardly see in the market. We had a Kepel tree in my grandma's backyard.
And about feigoas, oh, you have to try this tiny but amazing fruit. It's as big as an egg, with the green skin. The taste is a marriage between guava, passionfruit and kiwi. How does that sound? I just love them, and I can eat ten at once. Yum!



ohh, durian..., my keyboard's getting wet from drooling. I can't imagine what would it be if you post its pictures :) Btw, what do the aussies think about it? don't they hate durian?

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