Pride and Prejudice

Genre: Literature & Fiction
Author:Jane Austen
What's a classic book?
The one that is so famous and you've never read it, that is.
It was because of the movie Becoming Jane that I started interested in Austen's books. I chose the 'easiest' book to read: Pride and Prejudice. Austen herself called this work as too light, yet bright and sparkling.
But, to be honest, I couldn't enjoy this book that much. It's a good story yes, but the old style English language used made me dizzy.
If only I had luxury time and comfortable place (rather than in the moving train), maybe I could finish this novel.
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Yunisa - said…
yes, you have to open a dictionary if you really want to enjoy it as we are not born English :)
miss *e said…
mbak..bener banget..aku juga butuh 2 bulan lebih buat namatin bukunya..heheheh..
Yunisa - said…
bhs Inggrisnya not that bad --- ada yang lebih kuno dari ini hehehhe

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