Paying A Ridiculously High Tax

I got my first salary this week. Yipeee! Yes, it is in dolar (double yipeee), and yes, it's my first salary ever. Well, I got money from writing book, but we call it a royalty. And I also got money from my previous business, and we call it a share.

Mine is not that big compare to other worker, cause it is just as the award rate (or UMR* in our country). What surprised me is the tax rate. They cut almost 29% of my salary for the tax. Now I am a very generous person 'to donate' this wealthy country from one-third of my money. That's just great! Here, a temporary resident (or what we call it expat) pays higher tax than a citizen or a permanent resident.

Argh, at least I know where the money goes. It goes to the comfy trains and buses. It goes to the parks (with the free barbecue stand) and playgrounds. It goes to the free education for my kid. It goes to the library with thousands books to read and hundreds DVDs to see.

As a good citizen (of our beloved country), I also paid tax from my royalty. The tax is 'only' 15%. But it's not the amount that matter. I feel they cheated on the money I paid. I can't see where does it go. Free education for my kid? That's only a dream. Don't mention about the library, or the park.

Don't get me wrong. I do love my country. And that's the reason why I feel  betrayed. Because I love her. And miss her.


*UMR = upah minimum regional


Imazahra Chairi said…
Huhuhuhuhu, sama Mba... disini kita tetap bayar tax eventhough we are student! If the salary exceeded the limit of certain amount of money, we have to pay! Though mine is lower than yours *little smile* :-p
ade kumalasari said…
ugh, untungnya 'gaji'nya Nino gak pake tax lagi. Soalnya kan scholarshipnya emang dr government sini. Masak udah dikasih mau diambil lagi, ribet! Anehnya, tax dia u kerja2 sambilan lebih kecil dr tax ku. Aku heran aja, kok bisa?
Yunisa - said…
I think I will pay tax this year to Sg due to higher income... dulu2 gak masih "below taxable income" hahaha...
Maybe jumlah tax tergantung jumlah jam kerja juga? Nino jam kerjanya < jam kerjanya Mbak Ade kan?
29%? yikes. you're right, tho. have no idea where the 15% in indonesia goes. huff...

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