The Undomestic Goddess

Genre: Romance
Author:Sophie Kinsella
I always love Sophie Kinsela, especially her Shopaholic series. She can make a very solid but witty character.
In this book, Sophie wrote about Samanta Sweeting, a workaholic lawyer who works 25 hours a day, 8 days a week! She couldn't have time for herself, let alone doing a housekeeping.
But then when she's already given her soul to her company, she made one mistake that ruined her entire career (and her life). She ran into a country and hired as a housekeeper by mistake. She can't even operate the stove!
The stories goes when she met the gardener of the house and she learned to enjoy a weekend (even a housekeeper has holidays).
I can easily enjoy this book. This main character is similar with Becky the shopaholic. But I just hate the ending. Sophie twisted so many complicated scenes in the end.


Yunisa - said…
I read this last year. Not up to her usual standard.
i prefer "can you keep a secret?" and for some reasons dislike shopaholic books intensely.. i found this book okay, but just that.

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