A Letter from The Premier

I was surprised receiving a letter from the premier of New South Wales. Especially with $50 cheque in it. It's supposed to be The Back-to-School Allowance for Nindipong. He said in the letter that the allowance was there to give our children the best possible start to the school year.

I don't mind (at all) receiving such a cheque, it's just that we are heading for NSW State Election this month, and this cheque is distributed now, not at the beginning fo the school year. Not to mention that the letter has a big picture of smiling premier as heading.

Well, I don't have the right to vote, anyway. Is this money politics? Or is it a generous programme from the government (that really care about their children's education)?
Whatever! As long as it can reimburse Nindi's school uniform.



BrĂ©cs Man said…
hmmm.... rupanya ngetrend juga di sono ya....


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