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Being a TKI

I barely have time to look after my blog since I've gotten job here . I work fulltime, 38 hours a week. I love my job. I'm sure it's a worthy experience for me. Being a TKI* is not that bad, especially the pay rate (always convert it into rupiah ). A.K. * tenaga kerja Indonesia

A Condolence is Not Enough

It was a crisp and peaceful morning when I made call to Jogja to say Happy Birthday to my lovely sista . I wished her a very happy birthday, and to make her happier, I've already wired a handsome amount of money to her account. I'm a good sister, aren't I? An hour later, I saw from my friend 's YM, there was a (nother) flight accident in Jogja. I opened Detik and Kompas to see the full story. My goodness, that's really a terrible accident. Not only that we we were enough to see so many disasters, but it also happened in Garuda, the best airplane we had. I offered my deepest condolence to the victims and also to the survivors. I read from early news at Detik that Mr Hamengkubuwono offered his condolence. Later, Mr Howard also offered his condolence for there were several aussies in that plane. This accident has been top stories at aussies newspapers for five consecutive days. Then I read somewhere that Mr Radjasa also offered his condolence. Excuse me? Didn't h

The Undomestic Goddess

Rating: ★★★ Category: Books Genre: Romance Author: Sophie Kinsella I always love Sophie Kinsela, especially her Shopaholic series. She can make a very solid but witty character. In this book, Sophie wrote about Samanta Sweeting, a workaholic lawyer who works 25 hours a day, 8 days a week! She couldn't have time for herself, let alone doing a housekeeping. But then when she's already given her soul to her company, she made one mistake that ruined her entire career (and her life). She ran into a country and hired as a housekeeper by mistake. She can't even operate the stove! The stories goes when she met the gardener of the house and she learned to enjoy a weekend (even a housekeeper has holidays). I can easily enjoy this book. This main character is similar with Becky the shopaholic. But I just hate the ending. Sophie twisted so many complicated scenes in the end.

A Letter from The Premier

I was surprised receiving a letter from the premier of New South Wales . Especially with $50 cheque in it. It's supposed to be The Back-to-School Allowance for Nindipong . He said in the letter that the allowance was there to give our children the best possible start to the school year. I don't mind (at all) receiving such a cheque, it's just that we are heading for NSW State Election this month, and this cheque is distributed now, not at the beginning fo the school year. Not to mention that the letter has a big picture of smiling premier as heading. Well, I don't have the right to vote, anyway. Is this money politics? Or is it a generous programme from the government (that really care about their children's education)? Whatever! As long as it can reimburse Nindi 's school uniform. A.K.