Lamington is a traditional Aussie cake that they love so much. It is like a sponge cake, coated with chocolate (or lemon) icing and desiccated coconut. At first glance, I thought it was like wajik or jadah (our beloved traditional cake from sticky rice). But then I was wrong. Come on, Aussie would not bother with sticky rice.

This cake becomes a symbol of Aussie. At Australian Day, January 26th, which is also Nindipong's birthday, they decorated lamington with green and yellow icing. I don't know where the 'green and yellow' come from, as their national flag is blue and red (look at Nindi's tatto at her right hand). But they use green and yellow as their sport team uniform, as in cricket, soccer and football.



M Aqsha said…
..kayak bolu pandan kah?
ade kumalasari said…
mirip, cuman enakan bolu pandan, dalemnya lebih gurih. sponge cake yg ini sih kagak ada rasanya. cuman tertolong ama icingnya aja.

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