Irritating Question

"Hi, how are you?"

That's a standard question when aussie meets each other. When somebody asks you this, you are expected to answer: either Good or Fine (even if you are not in that mood). Sometimes, saying "good, thanks" plus a smile is easy when I'm really in a good mood. But sometime I just say "ehm" to asnwer that robotic question from the tired supermarket cashiers, or ignorant takeaway waiters. They don't expect your answer anyway.

In Indonesia, the most common question beside "apa kabar?" is "mau kemana?" (where are you going?). The western found this question very annoying. I read this fact in LonelyPlanet Indonesia book. Ugh, like they don't have those irritating ones.

More about irritating questions:

ps: annoying questions in this very moment:
1. have you got the job yet?
2. when will Didi get a little sister/brother?


Yunisa - said…
hehe, sabar, sabar
Nadiah Alwi said…
ur #2 irritating question is my #1's....huehehe...

tar dolo kali ye...walo anakdah nungging 1000 kali bukan brarti hari itujuga emak-bapaknya kudu produksi kan?


*kata org anak nungging pertanda dia minta adek....doh!*
ade kumalasari said…
eh, gw bingung bacanya. kirain mamanya yg udah "nungging" 1000 kali, hehehe...
Iya. Di sini banyak sekali pertanyaan kok. Liat baru pulang dr pasar, ditanya: mborong nih? Abis pulang kantor, ditanya: baru pulang mbak? Baru entah dr mana, ditanya: pulang mbak.... :p Buanyak yak! :D gak cuman say hi! --> makin belajar bahasa Indonesia malah makin bingung.

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