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Irritating Question

"Hi, how are you?" That's a standard question when aussie meets each other. When somebody asks you this, you are expected to answer: either Good or Fine (even if you are not in that mood). Sometimes, saying "good, thanks" plus a smile is easy when I'm really in a good mood. But sometime I just say "ehm" to asnwer that robotic question from the tired supermarket cashiers, or ignorant takeaway waiters. They don't expect your answer anyway. In Indonesia, the most common question beside "apa kabar?" is "mau kemana?" (where are you going?). The western found this question very annoying. I read this fact in LonelyPlanet Indonesia book. Ugh, like they don't have those irritating ones. More about irritating questions: Basa-Basi by Niken 8 Pertanyaan Selama Anda Hidup by Hormon Pertanyaan Wajib untuk TwentySomething by Dian Ina A.K. ps: annoying questions in this very moment: 1. have you got the job yet? 2. when will Didi get

Happy Library Lovers Day

Do you still celebrate Valentine Day? That's so yesterday... In this new era, we'd like you to join us celebrating February 14th as Library Lovers Day . HAPPY LIBRARY LOVERS DAY to the bookworms everywhere... show your affection, visit the library! A.K. send me books, not flower nor chocolate

Five months and two weeks until Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows released

I don't know when I fall into this madness, becoming a fanatic Harry Potter fan. I read the first until the fourth books in bahasa Indonesia (bought with my pocket money), read the fifth and the sixth in English. The hardest book to rea d was the fifth book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I couldn't translate my reading into my imagination. I got the sixth book delivered to my address by someone, say a secret admirer (hadihaha!). Nino suspected this guy , but I didn't think so. Whatever, as long as I can read the book, as soon as possible. Yest erday, I told Nino tha t t he seventh aka the last book will be released on July 21th, this year. He's not as excited as I was. "We can wait for the discount, or until it become a second hand book, which is way much cheaper." Siiiiing!!! Speechless... "You don't have to be the first to read, do you?" he asked. "I do, Darling. If I don't, why do you think I bring this conversation?"

Honeymoon With My Brother

Rating: ★★★ Category: Books Genre: Travel Author: Franz Wisner Where is the best place to soothe the pain of being dumped by your girlfriend of 10 years a week before the wedding? Franz would say a foamy Pacific shore at California is a wonderful pace to be dumped. This is a memoir of Franz Wisner, whose his girlfriend canceled the wedding a week before the big day. But Franz, supported by family and friends went ahead for the wedding (party). It was a great wedding, except there was no bride. Not lucky enough, Franz couldn't cancel his prepaid honeymoon. Then he asked Kurt, his brother to go ahead with the honeymoon, after canceling the flower petals on the bed and swapping champagne for beer. This honeymoon changed their live, forever. They agreed to quit their job and extend the honeymoon for 4 more years, visiting 60 countries around the world. This is a good memoir of traveling, but I would rather travel myself than just read the book.


Lamington is a traditional Aussie cake that they love so much. It is like a sponge cake, coated with chocolate (or lemon) icing and desiccated coconut. At first glance, I thought it was like wajik or jadah (our beloved traditional cake from sticky rice). But then I was wrong. Come on, Aussie would not bother with sticky rice. This cake becomes a symbol of Aussie. At Australian Day, January 26th, which is also Nindipong's birthday, they decorated lamington with green and yellow icing. I don't know where the 'green and yellow' come from, as their national flag is blue and red (look at Nindi's tatto at her right hand). But they use green and yellow as their sport team uniform, as in cricket, soccer and football. A.K.