That's what the parents want

Nindi started school this Wednesday. She has got a new uniform, with a too big hat. Her first day at school was great, until I was late picking her up. Not that I AM late. It turned out that the other parents picked their children long before the school ended and worse, the teacher let the children went home first. That made me who came on time felt worse cause Nindi was the last child to be picked up.

When her father (aka Nino) asked her what was she doing at the first day at school, she said that she just played around.

"Didn't you learn something new today? like alphabets?" asked Nino.

"No, Daddy. I just played outside with my friends."

"So, what's the difference from your previous school, at childcare?" added Nino.

"The difference is," I said. "This one is free."

Just like what we expected. Good education, five days a week and cost no penny.



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