Party Hard

Aussie love to party, especially in summer. They love to entertain friends and family with a barbie (BBQ).

I live near Mc Neilly park which has a barbie tool. All you have to do are bringing some marinated meat and inviting some friends. The council will pay for the gas (or is it electricity?). That's why we're also partying hard like most aussie.

We had party at lebaran day, somebody's birthday, new year, idul adha, and hijryah new year. And maybe we will arrange one at next chinese new year. Who cares about the occasion? Hehehe. 

Tomorrow, I will be the host for my daughter's birthday party. Just like me, Nindi loves to party. We have managed to buy party's property such as ballons, birthday banner, paper hats, plates and bowls, forks and spoon, plastic glass, birthday cake, poppers, and goodie bags. She even bought a tiara to match her pretty princess dress. Uhuy!

One things that I'm worried so much: can I cook proper meals for the guests?



No doubt mate, Aussies are typical party lovers, all around the year!

What sort of dishes you intend to cook, Western, Eastern, Chinese or Indians? If western is not your choice (even if that is, you can marinate meat by doing our home style) then you can buy groceries from China Town where there are lots of sundries (especially canned food) imported from Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand and other East Asia Countries. Becareful though as the Chinamen are non muslim, so they could'nt be bothered about "Halal food", its up to you to choose. Most of the groceries from Malaysia are marked with Halal Logo.

Have a confident in your self, kok di aduk aja apa-apa yang boleh di dapati, kok hasilnya nggak tau sehh... mungkin kepengen buat lagi deh......

Have a nice partying mate!

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