One dollar a week to reduce greenhouse gases

Per capita, Australia is one of the worst greenhouse gas polluters in the industrialised world. The main cause for this is electricity consumption.

Yesterday, Energy Australia, electricity provider (like PLN in Indonesia) offered Nino to subcrice for PureEnergy. This means that our electricity will be supplied from the renewable sources, like solar, wind, water and biomass. In consequence, we must pay more to support the green energy program. This is as little as 4 dollar a month, but the officer said that not many people are willing to do that. Why pay more if you are not really concern with the environment? This is all about the ideology.

This green energy program is good, but I think the government can do better. They should have a goodwill to fund this program to make it in bigger scale. So, it will be available in cheaper price. It's way better than forcing people (mostly have no concern of environment) to pay more for their bill.

Well, at least we do something for the global warming rather than getting angry with G.W. Bush that is busy making war. Although as little as that.



States belum sign Protocol Kyoto... mereka seharusnya yang bayar lebih banyak
dee fathya said…
hhmm, what a mess

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