My Job as a Job Seeker

Nindi will start school next week. This means that I will have a luxurious free time, 6 hours a day, 5 days a week (ta di ha ha, looking forward to that).

This summer holiday made me exhausted. Nino and I (mostly me) had to look after Nindi 7 days a week. The days are long and hot. Nindi refused to go to bed early because sunset is about 8.30 pm. “It’s not night yet, Mommy. Why I must go to bed?” Hiks. I can do something for myself without her interruption after 9.30 pm. But at that time, I’ve already been exhausted. I couldn’t do some writing anymore. The least I can do is watching DVD with Nino (thank God for that).

Back to my ‘free time’. As I’ll have plenty of time to do something, I started to find a casual or part time job. I joined the biggest job search engine in Australia and also the one provided by the government.

It turned out that being a job seeker is really tiring and frustrating. I had no idea how frustrating it was since I had no experience searching the jobs in Indonesia The hardest things is: we can't wish too much in one job, as we don’t want to be too disappointed if we’re fail, but we need to continue hoping for the best, the best that may be come soon, come in a long waiting, or not come at all. That’s the art of searching a job.

I don’t hope for a super job or the high paid one. A casual job in a store or in a library will be good. I’d like a job that still gives me time to write, as it is my deepest passion.

Wish me luck, would you?




Yunisa - said…
good luck!
Good luck to you.....
dee fathya said…
Ade-san, itterashai !
good luck, mala! :)
mrs.kandi . said…
happy happy job hunting... gud lak gud lak gud lak mba.... (^.^) nyari kerjaan apa mba? maybe i can help since i'm in sydney, too (^.^) gimme a buzz ;p

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