Genre: Romance
Author:Adele Parks
Is one ever enough? This novel is about an english lady, Bella, who's married to Philip, a wealthy guy. And they live happily ever after? Not since Bella met her previous husband that she secretly married to. Worse, Stevie, her other husband is Bella's bestfriend's date. Bella's bigamist life become the centre of this story.
Parks had already published six novel, which were all bestseller. Her plot and story is similar as harlequim series, in more sophisticated way.
I was bored reading five first chapter in this book, but as soon as the tense getting high, I easily enjoyed this book.


Nadiah Alwi said…
:D jadi intinya seboring apa pun tuh buku, mending lanjut aja ya? Kali aja di tengah2 agak ke belakang ada serunya ;D

Pa kabs, bu?

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