A New Year, A New Address

What's the best way to celebrate new year?

A new haircut will cost me an arm and a leg. Hehehe, just kidding, but, really, $30 for a haircut is out of question.

A firework? Good idea. If we didn't have to spent the entire day waiting with bunch of stupid drunken guys. But we did it anyway. We went to Mrs Macquarie's chair to see the biggest and the most beautiful firework on earth ever (as they said in the paper). The firework itself was spectacular, although I didn't see it from the best spot -which was already taken by them who waiting from 10 am.

At 9 pm, they launched the family firework from several point in the sydney harbour. Amazing enough for the warm up. They hoped family with little children were satisfied enough with this 'little' firework, and went home. But we didn't. We waited for another 3 hours among the drunken, party goers and noisy Aussie. Not a wise parent, huh?

My friend said, "Mumpung gak ketahuan kakek neneknya." Hahaha.

I convinced, "Yeah, kapan lagi?"

They hung a big question-mark-light at Sydney bridge. It supposed to remind us to reflect in our previous year. But, who could do that in a noisy party spot? At midnight, they launched those splendid fireworks, from the Sydney bridge, and then from several spot in the harbour, and from the top of some building in the city, simultaneously.

God, really, they were best at spending 4 million dollar at 15 minutes.

We could only say wow, and argh, and wow again...

After got back home at 1.30 am, Nino said, "The firework was good, but I couldn't find the meaning in it."

OMG, did he say MEANING? I mean, who really intend to find a meaning in a firework show. Of course it didn't have any meaning. It was only a celebration. You should find a meaning somewhere else. A khusyu evening prayer, perhap.

"And why should we celebrate a new year? I mean, time changes in every second. What's the difference in a new year?"

Oh, my poor pesimistic husband, I think because they need a new good hope. We must be an optimist to live this crazy life. No?

Oh, I almost forget, tomorrow we'll move to a new apartment. The one that is near Didi's school, near the park, near the station, has a garage (although we don't have car, yet) and best of all, has a balcony.

Happy new year from Sydney!!!



30 bucks for a haircut? omg... *pengsan*
ade kumalasari said…
mangkanya nih, bisa gondrong dua taon gak potong rambut. kalok nino and nindi sih aku potong sendiri. Nindi, belum tahu malu meski agak miring2 poninya. Nino, udah tahu malu, makanya dipotong abis, biar gak keliatan gak rata, hehehe.
Imazahra Chairi said…
Hihihihihi, disini juga mahal. Kalo mau yg bawah pohon, ada siy 3 mpe 5 pounds, buat cowok tapi :-)

Tahun baru? Aku gak ngerayain jalan ke city center dan setuju banget sama pendapatnya Nino :-)

Selamat ya buat new apartmentnya :-D Mudahan tambah samara, amin :-D
*aku niy masih sedih banget baru pisah sama suami, hiks* :-(
vita azizah said…
makanya pake jilbab aja :D maksudnya aku selalu potong sendiri, lebih enak klo potong pendek dan peduli amat rata atau ga, toh yang liat cuma beberapa orang ajah he heeee
pindah kemana nih?daerah mana?
ade kumalasari said…
great idea! aku juga udah mikir kayak gitu, pengen pake jilbab (lagi).
etna hannie said…
idem, great idea supaya make jilbab (buatku juga ;) )

btw, mala,
kemaren aku baca cerita anak di kompas minggu, yang temanya Nindi Miss Kenyot itu lho!
Tulisan Ade Kumalasari, tinggal di Malang. Itu Mala kan? ;)
selamat yah! ceritanya bener2 unik dan seger. lucu lagi!

Psst, itu kisah nyata nggak? hihihi...


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