Who is not happy with a surprise? A good one, I mean. Of course not me.

I always dream that somebody will give me a (nice) surprise, especially at my birthday.

Nino is different. I mean, he doesn't care about his birthday(that he often forget), he doesn't care when nobody sms him a birthday message. And he doesn't expect a single birthday present.

But I, duh, I couldn't pass my birthday without a gift. Two weeks before the day, I reminded him to think about my birthday present. And please, no more book as my birthday gift (fyi, I always get a book from him, on my B'day). Not that I don't like a book. I, I mean we, love it so much that we consider a book as our daily meal. Beside, it's so predictable. I will get (another) book at my B'day. Helo? Where is the surprise?

Unfortunately, a week before my day, he asked me, "What do you want for your B'day gift?"

Oh, no! Couldn't he just guest what I want? Didn't he get the clue from our conversation? Was I so unpredictable?

"I'm just afraid I disappoint you," he added.

I had no choice but to let him know what I want. I emailed him a gift idea. I was so afraid that he would not make an effort to give me something.

I was so wrong. On my birthday, my daughter woke me up, kissed me Happy Birthday. Nino also kissed me Happy B'day and gave me something special in a BodyShop brown bag. Whua! He did make an effort! Huray. Then I logged on to my email and FS to read some (right, hundred) B'day messages. There was one from Nino. He wished me a very happy birthday and said that I stole his idea. Whuaaa! He said that he had the same idea as mine. He regret that it would not be a surprise for me anymore.

Duh, darling. It was still a great surprise for me (that you made that effort). And I was really happy. And this was my best birthday ever. Not to mention our night. Ups!  


form the picture:

Didi: why are you making a birthday cake yourself, Mommy?

Me: (laughing) beause nobody do it for me, Darling.


Yunisa - said…
Happy Birthday! Seems you did have a great bday! =)
Brécs Man said…

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