I have never heard the word ROXY until my witty and lovely sister asked me to buy a roxy something for her aussie souvenir. Not a koala nor kangaroo. Not even a boomerang or aboriginal art.

I thought, what the h**l Roxy is? Is it an aussie thing? How come I've never heard it before?

"Whua, kamu tuh gak gaul banget," my sister said. Maybe I am. I'm not in to fashion. I know nothing about style.

It turned out that Roxy is the second brand for Quicksilver, especially designed for ladies. It's not about the surf gear actually, it's more about fashion. 

I went to Roxy store at city last week. I was almost mistaken entering a fabulous hotel with a doorman because it's in the same building in my address. I was really scared entering that glam place since I was only in my jeans and sneaker. Then I walked down to the other side of the building, and Voila! I could see the Roxy sign. Huff!

The store was realy warm and cozy, full of cute and nice things, made me want to grab all of the nice stuff: T-shirt, sandals, bag, bikini, wallet, hat, belt, accesories. Huhuhu, if only I had a lot of money for that, cause the price was definitely unreasonably ridiculously expensive, at least for me. You must spend at least AUD 39 for a simple T-shirt. No no no, I wouldn't buy a designed-in-Australia-but-made-in-China T-shirt for 39 dolar.

I asked my sister what she wanted. She wanted a neck strap (Indo: gantungan hape). Thank God, she didn't ask for the expensive one, hehehe, good sister. Then I got a pink neck strap for her, and a one dolar sticker (because of I spent more than 10 dolar, I would get a lip balm for free, hehehe).

Mission completed. Hope she would be happy with that roxy thing.


not a brand addict


never heard of roxy, either. :)

but then again, an aussie friend of mine told me quicksilver is way too expensive.

*not a brand addict, either*
well roxy is a surfer thingy for those who love beach they have all kindda beach wear bikini mostly and they have this brand in spore too very well known brand but if you get it in aussie they are much more cheap than here..i have most of the roxy collection well they have those fashion item too cool for those youngster..anyway just to share what i know about this roxy...cherrs!!

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