Boxing Day

Aussie celebrates Boxing Day every December, 26th. But it has nothing to do with what Mike Tyson does for living. Boxing here means put something in a box, as a gift. Traditionally, they give charity in boxes to the poor, one day after Christmas. Similar as giving zakat in Islam, perhaps.

Nowadays, they celebrate Boxing Day with... SHOPPING!!! No wonder because there were biggest sale of the year. Almost every shop made clearance sale and offered 50% discount. People rushed in to city. Even, they stayed in line from 6 am before the shop was opened.

The situation was similar to one day before lebaran in Indonesia, when everybody gets crazy. Like there will be no other day.

Nino, Nindi and I also joined the crowd. We headed into Myer, the famous departement store in the city. But, then, it was too crowded to shop around. Maybe, I should leave my child - and my husband - at home next boxing day.




Waaaaaa.... akhirnya beli stroller juga yak. Wakakaka :) Bagus deh... Jadi gak capek nggendong2 Nindi kan? Yg tua jugak kalo mo jalan2 bisa puaaaaaaaaasssss!!!! :p
ade kumalasari said…
pakai stroller susahnya cuman satu: pas naek bis, repot bgt!
Riadi said…
setuju :)

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