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I Don't Know How She Does It

Rating: ★★★ Category: Books Genre: Literature & Fiction Author: Allison Pearson I knew this book when I was in Indo, already translated. I intend to buy this book but the budget never allow me to, hiks. Finally, here, I found it in the local library. I found that the language is not easy to understand, still too complicated to me (but, that's the challenge, right?). Maybe I can't follow the pace of the plot, always in a hurry, just like the story. It's about a perfectionist working Mom that struggle to make her best. well, being (only) a mom is already tiring, not to mention being the perfect one. don't you think?

Who says a married couple doesn't need a date?

Thursday is a perfect day for a date. It's our payday and-the most important- we can drop Nindi in ChildCare, hehehe. I booked Nino around one (or two?) month ago to take me sightseeing in city and take pictures at every important spot. It's not that I am a narciss girl or something, I just want to keep it for memories. Okey, admit it, I AM narciss. We took a bus and stop at Queen Victoria Building. I don't know what building it was, but now, it's a big shopping mall (does it matter what it was, then? hehehe). I need to buy The Body Shop moisture cream (do you really need a reason to go to the mall?). There were many glossy and sparkling stores at QVB. Those luxurious things (and the price tags) scared us. Off we go to the town hall. Town hall, and so other buildings were decorated with Christmas ornaments. Sydney has so many old british architecture buildings, just like what you saw in Harry Potter movie. Next stop: Dymocks bookstore. This is a big chain bookstore in S

What's in Sitta Karina's Choice of The Month?

    Ha-di-ha-ha! Dengerin Dong Troy! becomes Sitta's choice of the month. Check it out here . thanks a lot, Arie ... A.K.  

Day Off

What will you do in your day off? When you are able to take off your 'mother-hat' and your 'wife-hat' and simply become you. I have two days off every Thursday and Friday, when Didi goes to ChildCare. I always look forward to these days, imagining what I can do to indulge myself. However, as the day comes, I simply don't know what to do. Last week, I planned to have a luxurious bath with my Body Shop champagne-scent bubble bath, but then I realized that my bathtub was a bit leak. I wanted to go shopping, but I thought that shopping was included in a housewife's task (wasn't it?), so better not to do it in my day off.  So, I enjoyed myself reading for hours (at that time: Burnt Toast - Teri Hatcher's Autobiography), then I put some more sentences to my forever-unfinished novel. After that I returned some books to the library and called my sister on the way home. Unfortunately, she's busy with her new band (or maybe a new boyfriend). Then I thought may