Master of Instant Cooking

The best things we have in our first month here, suprisingly, is the food.

It's great to master my own kicthen, as in Malang, its the authority of our maid. hehehe.

We start cooking the simple things such as any ingredients w instant spices. no wonder if our cooking is always special. sate, soto, empal, rendang, nasgor, opor, ayam goreng, anything w instant spices. thanks for bamboe, and indofood and kokita, for making me not such an idiot cook.

then we dare to try another recipe w/o the instant help. and we're still success. my Mum would not believe me if 'this lazy girl' can cook Sapi Lada Hitam w/ Paprika. Hem, yummy!


ps: in the pics, Nino's cooking in our kitchen


Sylvie Gill said…
yes, bumbu merek bamboe memang magic ya, de

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