Kolektor Sambal

Nino is a sambal-maniac. Unfortunately, I'm not the one that patient enough to ngulek sambal, as I don't like sambal at all.

Here, chilli is ridiculuously expensive, up to $38 a kilo (Rp 266.000 ?). But we still manage to buy an ounce to make fresh-nino's favourite-sambal.

That's before we find genuine-extra-hot-sambal-in-a-bottle. Our searching of Sambal Beneran (not instant ABC's sambal) began when we ran out our Chilliez (instant sambal that we brought from Indo). First, Nino got Sambal cap Ibu Jempol at White Lotus, an Asian Shop. It's not so nice, but as we bought it anyway, we should be responsible to eat it, hiks. Then we found Sambal Ayam, made in Malaysia. It's not nice either. I thought it's too sour (too much tomato I suppose). A week ago, I found Sambal ABC extra pedas at an Asian Shop in Marrickville Road.

But Nino is never satisfied w/ instant-not-too-hot-sambal.

Yesterday, we went to Haymarket at Chinatown, near Central Station. I could see Nino's big-winning-smile when he found many variants of sambal in Indonesian Food Isle. He took around 15 minutes to decide which one he should take. There are Sambal Bajak (Pirate Sambal? hehehe), Sambal Terasi, Sambal Oelek, Sambal Balado and 'just' Sambal. He really wanted to try Sambal Bajak, but it's only have the 'mild' one. Nino considered hot as not hot at all, so he thought the mild as the sweet one.

Thank God, he's now satisfied w/ Sambal Extra Hot cap Ibu. Only $2.8 per jar (inc "nguleknya"), cheaper than an ounce of chilli.



Imazahra Chairi said…
I love sambal to, can't live without it :-)
A H said…
I have tried ABC's sambal asli and it is really hot. The sweet one was sweet and I finished the whole bottle within two days.

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