Perkalian Tujuh

Nino and I became expert in perkalian tujuh since we decided to move to aussie. The fact that AUD 1 = Rp 7000 made us timing every price tag to 7000. start from simple calculation to the sophisticated one. our brain got trained and it is easy to calculate 326 to 7. no more than 15 seconds, hehehe...

but the calculation made us so stressed. imagine, living cost in sydney is sooo high. start from the air fare, it is AUD 414 by Qantas. child care: $57 per day. nasi rendang: $8. house rent: 230 per week. 230 x 7000 = 1,6 million headaches per week, hehehe.

now, we give up doing perkalian tujuh. we made the budget first, and everything that fits the budget is cheap.




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