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June 8th was our wedding anniversary. Normally, we forgot about this date. It has been three years we were not celebrating this anniversary (fyi, Nino and I have been married for five years, hehehe).


But this year, I'll never forget June 8th . This was the day when Nino left us, departed to Aussie. The farewell in Juanda airport was not that dramatic. I kissed him goodbye with smile and said, “See you soon at Sydney.” I hoped that the LO in Sydney Uni gave Didi and I permission to join Nino there, as soon as possible.


But, the day became worse when we got home. I missed him already. Didi become more spoiled to me and tended not let me go. She asked me gendong jarik more often. Well, this is very normal, I think, for someone separated from her beloved Dad.


Mine was not worse than Nino’s.

He fought to survive in the cold of Sydney. Only ate instant noodle and instant rice in the first two days (fyi, he couldn’t cook – yet). In the third day, his first cooking was… fried egg and scrambled egg. Hihihi…


In every cloud, there is a silver lining. We learnt to communicate online. We tried all the way to communicate. Nino sent me email every single day and vice versa. We had chat and web-caming via YM (fyi, he had never done such this thing). I taught him to flirt online and use the emoticon. Hehehe, he was a fast learner. Soon, he succeeded sending me the romantic words. We also tried Skype, which was better than YM w voice. But I have to learn how to speak slowly, cause it took second to send the voice across the continents. 


Nadiah Alwi said…

kind of fun isn't it...the YM thing...
ade kumalasari said…
jadi kayak pacaran lagi, hiks...
pea gra said…
daripada kesepian ngeblog aja..
Unknown said…

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Unknown said…

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